About Counselling

Why come to counselling?

Everyone finds life difficult to cope with from time to time. We may struggle to cope with changes in our personal life or stress and anxiety arising from problems at work. These difficulties may result from a particular event or may be part of an on-going issue. We may suddenly find ourselves in the middle of an emotional crisis or worn down by a constant underlying feeling of unfullfillment. Most of the time, we are able to deal with these problems on our own or with the help of family or friends. However, sometimes this may not feel enough and talking to a qualified counsellor can be helpful.

What is counselling?

Counselling offers an opportunity to talk in confidence to someone who has been professionally trained to listen. It aims to support you in developing greater insight into the issues that are important to you and to explore different ways of coping with them. A counsellor will not judge or try to influence your decisions in any way.

By creating an atmosphere of trust, respect and understanding, counselling facilitates self-awareness, acceptance and the possibility of new ways of relating to yourself and others. It can enable a deeper understanding of how unresolved issues from the past may continue to impact on the present and therefore highlight the potential for change in the future.

What to look for in a therapist?

Successful therapy is dependent on the quality of the relationship between counsellor and client. Therefore you may need to visit more than one person before you find someone you feel comfortable enough to work with and who feels "right" for you.

As counselling training varies widely in length and depth, it is also advisable to check membership of a professional body such as BACP British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and/or UKCP United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy. This ensures adequate experience, supervision and continuing professional development.  Members are also required to hold adequate professional insurance.


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