I hold a Post- Graduate Certificate (2017) in  Counselling Supervision and offer supervision to individual practitioners qualified to diploma level or above who belong to a professional body such as BACP or UKCP. Fees are £45 per 90 minute session.

My role as supervisor
My aim as a supervisor is to engage in a relational exploration of the supervisee's experience of their work in line with my Humanistic stance as a therapist. I focus on relationships between supervisee and client, supervisee and therapy context and supervisee and myself, whilst being respectful of the client's story. My intention is to facilitate a process which is collaborative, relevant and beneficial. I take seriously my role as "gate keeper" to the profession in terms of awareness of good practice guidelines and the ethical protection of clients.  However, I hope to support a move away from reliance on external evaluation and encourage supervisees' development of an internal measure of their professional capabilites and responsibilities.  I see supervision as a space for reflection, an opportunity for mutual learning and a chance to celebrate what's been done well.  

Role of Supervisee
I respectfully ask that supervisees
  • have an awareness of the ethical guidelines for good practice as described by the professional body of which they are a member;
  • have adequate, up-to-date professional liability insurance;
  • have a working knowledge of the policies and procedures of the organisation within in which they work;
  • are responsible for their own well-being and self-care.

Please contact me to arrange an initial "mutual assessment" appointment
This is free of charge and I would anticipate lasting no longer than 1 hour.
For further information about counselling and psychotherapy or to make an appointment,
please contact me on 07952892458 or