The Way in Which I Work

I believe that we all have within us the potential to be the best that we can be.  Unfortunately, this potential is often compromised by the situation and environment in which we find ourselves.  Current life events, the impact of a recent trauma or experiences from our past may leave us struggling to cope.  As a result, we may find ourselves behaving in ways which are detrimental to our own sense of well-being and /or our relationships with others.  It can be difficult to recognise the possibilty that things could be different in the future.  We find ourselves "stuck" and unable to move forward in the way in which we'd like.  At times like this, it can be useful to talk to someone who is professionally trained to listen.

The way in which I work is informed by a Humanistic theory of counselling and psychotherapy.  To summarise, this is an holistic approach with an emphasis on self-development and achieving one's potential.  It encourages clients to explore their feelings and take responsibility for their thoughts and actions.  This is facilitated by a Person-Centred therapeutic relationship which is empathic, non-judgemental and non-directive, allowing clients to freely express emotion in a way that may not have been previously possible.  The goal is to enable someone to come to terms with difficult feelings that might be underlying emotional problems and begin to see themselves as a person with the power and freedom to change.  Whilst this briefly describes the core belief which underpins my practice, I do occassionally use ideas from other modalities such as CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy).  This approach suggests ways to challenge thoughts and expectations, often through the use of "homework" excercises and relaxation techniques. This may be similar to self help material you have already accessed.
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